2017 Trade Fairs

2017 Trade Fairs

Here are all of the trade fair dates in Düsseldorf in 2017 as well as route descriptions from our hotel to the exhibition centre.


Trade fairDate
PSI09.01.- 12.01. 2017
IMM Cologne15.01.- 22.01. 2017
BOOT20.01.- 29.01. 2017
The Gallery27.01.- 30.01. 2017
ISM Sweets Cologne28.01.- 01.02. 2017
Spoga Horse Cologne04.02.- 07.02.2017
GDS Spring06.02.- 09.02.2017
EUROCIS/Euroshop04.03.- 09.03. 2017
ENGERY STORAGE13.03.- 16.03. 2017
PROWEIN18.03.- 21.03. 2017
EP23.03.- 26.03. 2017
INTERPACK03.05.- 10.05. 2017
The Gallery20.07.- 24.07.2017
GDS Summerwill be announced in march
CARAVAN SALON24.08.- 03.09. 2017
Expopharm12.09.- 16.09. 2017
Spoga Horse Cologne02.09.- 05.09. 2017
dmexco Cologne12.09.- 14.09. 2017
REHACARE03.10.- 07.10. 2017
ANUGA Cologne06.10.- 11.10. 2017
A+A16.10.- 20.10. 2017
MEDICA12.11.-16.11. 2017


Route description from and to Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre


Start:Hotel Villa Achenbach Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre

Underground U72
(in direction D-Hellriegelstr.)
Underground U73
(in direction D-Uni Ost/Botanischer Garten)
Underground U83
(in direction D-Benrath Btf.)

Messe Ost/Stockumer Kirchstraße
Messe Nordeingang (Exhibition Centre North Entrance)

Underground U78
Underground U79

(in direction Düsseldorf Hbf)
Change at:Heinrich Heine Allee

Underground U79 (in direction: Duisburg)
Travel to Ost-Eingang (East Entrance)
Underground U78 (in direction: Messe Nord/Esprit Arena)
Travel to Ost- und Nord-Eingang (East and North Entrance)
Heinrich Heine Allee

(in direction Ratingen Mitte)
Underground U73
(in direction D-Gerresheim S-Bahn)
Underground U83
(in direction D-Gerresheim Krankenhaus)
Leave:Underground U79: Messe Ost/Stockumer Kirchstraße
Underground U78: Messe Nordeingang (Exhibition Centre North Entrance)
Destination:Messe DüsseldorfHotel Villa Achenbach
At the stop Stockumer Kirchstraße / Messe Ost you can switch to the Bus 722, which takes you to the Exhibition Centre North Entrance.
A valid ticket for the trade fair includes free public transportation.